The genius lies in staying put

I have mulled this over and now I am firmly convinced that the genius lies in staying put.  Very few things in life are achievable overnight, especially those with over-arching positives for the future. Similarly, for the first glimmer of results to show up, it is painstakingly long, usually. And this is the time, when you have no idea of whether you are going to be successful, at all, or don’t see even a flickering shadow of any encouraging sign (even by a long shot), that really tests you.

The first couple of days or the first week of dedicated dieting, writing that novel (you always wanted to write) on the story-line you are absolutely convinced about, the first two weeks of a month when you have promised to live on budget and save an amount (foregoing quite literally the thrills and the frills), the first few days of hauling yourself up from bed for the morning walk at dawn…… we all know its so difficult to keep at it.

And very, very few of us can actually keep at it. This is the reality. Great things don’t happen easily,  we all know that. Yet after a few attempts and fewer failures it breaks our endurance. We give up, we quit. For someone who had prepared his/her manuscript in earnest, starts searching for a job at the grocery centre, after a few rejections. There is no problem with the job if he/she had simultaneously continued his/her toil with the publishers.But he felt too crushed to approach the next. Don’t we all? when that stubborn belly fat refuses to melt after two weeks of intense workouts, don’t we develop a sense of defiance and start binging with vengeance! Do we stop to count the number of weeks over which the belly fat kept depositing in the first place?

Emotions, despondency don’t always follow statistics diligently. They settle in fast and often makes us sell ourselves short. Had they had not this power over us, Jack Ma and JK Rowling would have been regulars and not stellar exceptions. The self-made Chinese billionnaire and founder of Alibaba- Jack Ma – was rejected 30 times at different job applications before he made it spectacularly different. And Rowling – whose success has redefined the benchmark for any international best-selling author, had to fight clinical depression, challenges of a single mom and rejections from 12 publishing offices — before cracking it, finally.

It seems that perseverance  is the preserve of the winner and one game has usually one winner and many losers. Much as we want to end up a winner, we give in to the losers’ streak, quite readily.  Much as we crave success, we cannot, in most cases drum up that grit, determination to win (its super tough to) or rid ourselves of the habit to stay within our comfort zone, lined with failures. Winning mercilessly scrapes away imperfections; thrusts us in new challenging territories, while losing does not deprive us of our comfort zone of years.

At the core of such unbelievable resilience, is the power of conviction and self-belief again not readily found among the ordinary. But like everything else in life even the power of conviction and self-belief can be cultivated to deliver enviable outcomes. Hence, at the end of the day it all boils down to how we crave success and how far we are going to follow the regimen to achieve it.

Tell me one thing, readers, how many of you thought you could have done it, if you had hung there some more? How many of you had quit and found that victory was round the corner? Tell you what, it has happened many times with me. Starting great and leaving mid-way is an old territory for me.

Do write in and share your stories. So looking forward to them.

Have a good time,

Yours very own


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