#Birthday Wishes

It was a pleasant surprise to wake up to tons of birthday wishes from batchmates in school, I have not met in 32 years, to be exact. After the Xth Boards, we spread in calling to stream preferences and since I chose Commerce, which was unavailable in my alma mater at that time I had to separate. Life pulled us in different directions and plenty within us have settled abroad. Three decades later, when our school is in its centenary year, we connected again via Facebook and Whatsapp group. And so, for them to remember and wish me on my birthday was heart-warming. Thank you girls, you definitely made my day!!! Special thanks to Kanta, Supradipta, Chandrani, Debjani, Debjani (Doc), Purba, Sanchayeeta, Moushumi, Supradipta, Sukanya (Halder), Ballari, Subhalakshmi, Rai, Paramita, Rini, Indira, Sucharita, Moumita, Kabari, Shyamasree, Sukanya, Sruti, Suranjita, Dipannita, Paromita (Chatterjee), Sarani and Rupa. Hugs and much love to those who wished me on my page.

Family always make my day special. My husband, my mother, my son, my sister, my brother —- I love you all. And this time my future daughter joined the gang. Thank you, Jhilik. Much love.

Close chums never forget your birthday even if they forget their own. Love you Chai and Ish.

Juniors and past students, acquaintances who have blossomed into friends remembered my day and I am truly humbled.

I am happy to be getting old. Knowing people, gathering experiences are such life altering experiences that one can only do so oneself. There cannot be shortcuts or outsourcing here. And I cherish the insights, after all, it has made me who I am.

Bye friends. Stay Safe. Keep Shining. And much love.

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