Apparently, nothing is enough #RIP, SSR

In a city where millions of dreams chasing the glamour have been crushed before or after being born, Sushant Singh Rajput, the outsider from Patna had made it to the top ten. He had rightfully earned money, glamour and all good things that come together with it,and most importantly a name for himself. But apparently these spectacular achievements did not fulfill or motivate Sushant Singh Rajput. At 34, he chose to take his life, when he had remarkable cinematic projects lined up.

People will talk about his erratic lifestyle and will try to link his untimely exit with them. There have been many such examples before him and God forbid he may not be the last. But what drove the successful professional to less than regular lifestyle? His Insta posts and rare frank interviews do reveal his longing for his late mother, whom he lost in his teens. Self-admittedly he became a changed person from that point, whom nothing could excite nor enthrall and who found escape through acting.

Nobody really knows what drives finally a person to terminate what he loves most– his own life, so as to overcome his deadliest fear…. that of his own death. But in the final scheme of things, the glamour and money which lures so many to Mumbai, thinking that they are the ultimate achievements, count for less than nothing.

#RIP Sushant Singh Rajput, you had a lot of life left in you.

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