Lockdown Diaries

I met Ritika ( we call her Tick affectionately) today on my way to the bank. And She looked all new. Glowing skin, shiny hair and quite a few kilos shed. After our usual chit-chat, I asked her what was topmost in my mind.

What is your secret to this new avatar, Tik ? (Ritika is Tik among our group)

Healthy Lifetyle . And she broke into her usual peals of laughter. Gosh!!

That healthy lifestyle meant that Tick got up the usual during lockdown as she did when things were normal, that is, at 5 am. Her boy is in morning school and she also has to get out every day by 7.30 am. So in the morning rush, of getting herself and her son ready, from making morning tea to breakfast to packing lunch for her husband and the usual running around the maid and innumerable chores, her personal wellness flew out of the window. But in the lockdown period, she made yoga and pranayam a must-do in the morning. The breakfast in real was skipped on most of the workdays or stretched to a gluten-loaded toast beyond the morning tea. But staying home she indulged in her hobby of cooking beyond the regular dal-chawal to prepare chickpea chilkas, oats khichri , multi-grain dosas etc. She started drinking more water, when otherwise she used to bring back her 1 litre pet bottle home, half-full.

Tik’s hobby like most of ours is not singular. The plants she watered in a rush everyday , she started nurturing some more. She finally planted the holy basil plant tulsi) and it has grown abundantly during the lockdown. The niggling worry that maybe the tulsi plant will die due to neglect prevented her from getting one. Now that she has grown it, she lights a lamp every evening under it with incense. And Tick told me that when ‘normal’ starts she will start meditating at this place in the evening, after the day’s stress will be over.

Time in her hands, she made use of all those ‘grandmother’s recipe’ in hair-packs and face-packs and that seems to be the secret of her shiny hair and glowing skin. The best take-away from her today was that she will try her best to continue with these healthy habits What I definitely understood was that she looked and acted relaxed. And that is the primary reason of her current improved self.

So, not every lockdown is teary. In my opinion, it’s all in the perspective and turning a crisis into opportunity.

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